Zero To Hero: How Zero Lot Walls Can Save You Space And Money On A Small Block

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May 14, 2019
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October 17, 2019

If you are planning to build your first home, you would know by now that the average block size in Perth is getting smaller and smaller. For a homeowner, this can mean a much smaller living space and consequently a lower resale value. At Schlager Group, we’re constantly keeping up with market trends in order to adapt and offer the best building solutions and residential developments to our clients. In this blog, we discuss how Zero Lot walls can save you space and money on a small block.


Build With Schlager

Schlager Group partners with world-leading suppliers for innovative building materials to bring you the perfect solution for building on small blocks. The HardieSmart ™ ZEROLOT ™ Wall System is an alternative to conventional walls. It simplifies construction by removing excess materials and trade, and this gives the following benefits for houses built on small blocks of land.


Design Flexibility

The HardieSmart ™ ZEROLOT ™ Wall System was designed for outdoor conditions. It’s space-saving design also enables you to build a fully detached house even on a small block. You can even opt to build a house that shares a wall with the house next to it to fully maximise your block space.


Save On Space

The Zero Lot wall is made with quality materials that take up much less space than conventional walls, giving you increased living space. This helps to increase the value of your property.


Save Money

Construction is simplified using the Zero Lot wall and will cost you significantly less money than building with traditional walls. The fact that it also increases the value of your property while costing much less than more conventional options makes it a solid investment.

At Schlager Group we offer a wide range of solutions and residential developments based on your building needs. If you’re currently considering building a house and looking to maximise the space you have to work with, get in touch with us to find out how the HardieSmart ™ ZEROLOT ™ Wall System can help you achieve that while being an excellent investment.