Pole Homes: The Environmentally Friendly Choice

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March 22, 2019
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Where and how you choose to live has a direct effect on your environmental impact. As time goes on, people are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact that conventionally built houses have on the environment If you’re planning your next home build and want it to be as eco-friendly as possible, you should consider pole homes in Perth as an option that allows you to do your part in creating a more sustainable lifestyle.


What Are Pole Homes & Why Are Their Advantages?

The process of building a pole home is far less destructive to its surrounding landscape and the environment in general. A pole home is set apart from traditional homes by its absence of a foundation, which is replaced by its robust metal exterior frames that are inserted into the ground as ‘poles’. This supports the structure of the entire house with less impact on the land beneath it.


They’re More Cost Effective

Apart from being a more environmentally friendly house option, the nature of pole homes also allows it to be acquired at a much less expensive rate than conventional slab-on-ground designs. Moreover, it saves you from a lot of problems that are associated with conventional homes, such as drainage, flooding, subsidence and termites, subsequently saving you the hassle, time and money that would otherwise go into fixing these issues.


They Avoid A Concrete Slab

Clearing land and putting down a concrete slab involves a lot of time, energy and resources (both in producing the materials and using machinery to clear the land and lay the concrete). All of this massively increases the carbon footprint and environmental impact of your build, so the option for a pole home is a great way to make your home much more eco-friendly from day 1.


They Preserve The Surrounding Environment

Pole homes are also perfect for a rural setting, as their construction has very little impact. They allow you to maintain the beautiful, natural landscape of your environment and showcase a home elevation that captures the essence of rural living.


They Have Excellent Design Flexibility

There are plenty of unique design options that you can explore with pole homes thanks to their versatile design. Custom homes are usually much more expensive compared to standard homes. By opting for pole homes, you can build your very own custom home at a much more affordable rate.

Pole homes allow you to own a beautiful home that represents your unique style, has less impact on the environment and saves you a lot of hassle at a competitive price. Get in touch with us at Schlager Group to explore pole home designs in Perth so you can find one that suits your budget and lifestyle.