An often overlooked design choice, pole homes offer a fantastically unique, cost-effective & flexible option. Designed to work with the surrounding landscape rather than fight against it, a well-designed pole home is an ideal choice for those looking build a beautiful, practical home that makes the most out of a fantastic location.

Great for Sloping BlocksPole Home Design

If you have a sloping block (particularly in a rural/wooded area) then a pole home can be a fantastic way of keeping building costs down whilst providing flexible design options. Excavating a site, building a retaining wall and laying down a slab can quickly become eye-wateringly expensive - something that can be avoided with a pole home design that naturally incorporates the slope of the land. Depending on the gradient, this can involve innovative possibilities like split-level designs and under house garages.

Sloping blocks in the Perth Hills, in particular, can benefit from the simplified building process, increased cost effectiveness and reduced site works that are associated with pole home construction.

Avoid Water/Ground Issues

Conventional slab-on-ground designs are prone to a range of costly water and other ground related issues like problematic drainage and flooding, subsidence and termites. Choosing a pole home circumvents these complications before they even arise and can save you a lot of money, time and hassle.

Less Impact On The Land

If you have a stunning site to build on then it stands to reason that you don’t want to spend all of your time, effort and money tearing it up. Pole homes allow you to work with what you’ve got and retain as much of its original splendour and natural beauty as possible.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Unlike most conventional home designs, pole homes enable you to more easily incorporate natural materials such as wood, earth and stone and employ them in a spatial arrangement that brings out their natural beauty and warmth. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, they can imbue your home with a sense of peace and natural relaxation not as easily found in homes employing more artificial materials.

Open, Light & Airy

The open design of most pole homes (especially when situated on sloping blocks) makes them ideal for taking in lots of natural light and catching prevailing breezes. Not only will this enable you to more fully appreciate any views, it also helps reduce environmental impact and energy bills. Sunlight helps naturally warm the house while breezes help to cool it down.

Make A Bold Statement

Your house is an extension of your personality, so the unique design opportunities represented by choosing a pole home are a great way to make a bold statement about your lifestyle and values. Avoiding the humdrum conventionality of a typical slab-on-ground build and choosing an environmentally friendly house that works with the land and incorporates lots of natural, organic elements into an innovative, holistic design will speak volumes. As they say, actions speak louder than words, and there are few bigger actions than choosing where to live your life.

Build With Confidence

As one of the leading, multi award winning pole home builders in Perth we have the experience necessary to deliver great value, high quality constructions every single time. Our promise to deliver on our core principles of reliability, safety, quality, professionalism and precision mean that you can rest assured that the pole home that we build you will be everything you want it to be and more.

A specialised type of construction that often involves working in difficult terrain on sloped ground, other pole home builders in Perth often don’t have the necessary prowess required to complete the job to the desired standard and are liable to run into delays that will only end up costing you additional time and money. A Schlager Group high quality construction means that you won’t have to worry about issues like these.

Beyond that we also have an understanding of how to work with a given landscape to help make the most of its natural features (such as the view, sunlight and existing trees and plantlife). Maximising your enjoyment of your property’s natural beauty is one of the main reasons to choose a pole home in the first place, so it makes sense to choose a builder that knows what they’re doing in this regard.

Are you considering of making the most of your block of land with a stunning, flexible and cost-effective pole home design? Get in touch with us today tofind out more about what the Schlager Group can offer you in this department.

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